Together With You


Meet Kayla.

If one thing could be said about her, it would be how much of a worldchanger she is. Her heart is huge, and she strives to reflect the love of Christ. When you’re around her you can’t help but feel encouraged. She has a heart to see people cross over from death to life in Jesus. What an amazing human being she is! In just a few short months she will be embarking on an incredible journey to Nepal! Below is a letter I have inserted that she has written. Will you partner with us? Will you give? Will you pray? To find out more, keep reading!

Hey team! 

In this season of my life I am seeing how the timing of God is perfectIn just three months I will be stepping unto South Asian soil, a place where temples of darkness plague the land and thousands of idols and gods are worshipped. According to Joshua Project, in the nation of Nepal there are 343 unreached people groups.This means that there are 343 groups of people that have never had the opportunity to hear the story of hope. There is a famine of Good News in the land but God is sending forth His laborers into the great harvest field of South Asia.

As I have been studying at  a university my passion for Jesus and for souls has grown exponentially. I have been getting some incredible training while studying world religions, how to be an effective communicator across cultures, and … math.  

This February to the end of May I will be living in South Asia learning a new language, culture, and building relationships with the people there.

God has been doing a deep work in my heart over these past 3 years. My heart is burning with the message of Jesus and His love that changes everything. While in America I have been having so much fun getting to share with university students about the joy of living a life surrendered and what it means to be a friend of God. I am so excited that I have the opportunity to take all that God has been teaching me in America to South Asia.

It is really all so simple, I am answering the call to take up my cross and follow Him. There is no greater love, and there is no greater joy than saying yes to Jesus. I believe that in my generation we can see the task of sharing good news completed and hasten the day of the Lord’s return. The fun part is that we do not have to do it alone but that we get to do it together through the aspects of sending or going! Please watch the video below to gain and understanding of the importance of all of this. GOOD NEWS is so POWERFUL and has been transforming individuals, communities and nations for centuries! 

“I will go down but only if you will hold the rope” – William Carey
Prayer Requests
– For South Asia: victims of the earthquake, the unreached, and
persecuted church (click here for Prayercast Video)
– Financial goal of 3,000 USD to be met by December 26th
– Pray as I am working on writing and recording an album of
songs to catalyze hearts into intimacy with Jesus
– Focus for school as I finish out the semester


field cost: 2,985 USD (due December 26th)
plane ticket: 1000-1500 USD

tax deductible online giving: click here

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For any thoughts, questions or concerns …