You’re Teaching me to Dream Again

I believe God is saying something to the students at Liberty University. I believe He is teaching us how to dream again. This has been a recurring theme for me and the group I got to know throughout the whole Worship in the Woods experience. I think as college students, we get so caught up in the routine of classes, hall meeting and prayer groups, convo, and campus community that we forget that God has cast a vision inside of each of us. A vision to further his kingdom with the gifts he has given us. Your gifts are not insignificant. I believe a lot of us has forgotten how to dream. But I also believe God is trying to reignite these dreams. You just need to say yes. That’s all it takes, guys, is a simple yes. Completely surrender your dreams to God, the one who put these desires in you and say, “Here they are. Use them.” Think about what your passion is. It isn’t a coincidence. God wants to use that. God wants to use you. A friend of mine said something that was too good. She said, “At the end of my days, I want to stumble upon the gates of heaven out of breath and say “I used everything you gave me! I used all of my gifts and dreams to make you famous, God! and I want God to say, “Yeah, daughter, come in and rest.”” Now I’m not saying that it’s all about works, because we’re saved by grace through faith. But I am saying don’t give up on your dreams. Keep running the race.



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