Dear New York

Tonight I am missing the simplest things in the city.

I miss the area that we invested in for the past six weeks and waking up at the crack of dawn to go to yoga class. I miss getting off of the subway and seeing the smiling old man that was always standing in the same spot. I miss watching the sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park and how it set right over Manhattan. I miss the subway rides crossing over from Manhattan to Brooklyn and how the view left me speechless each time. I miss the people that I was able to foster relationships with and the different cultures I came across each day.

Although I do miss these things, and I’m longing to go back I’m reminded of this sweet word of encouragement from my sister, “Focus on the time you were able to spend there and what you learned, instead of focusing on why you can’t stay.”

New York,
Thank you for teaching me something new each day. Thank you for your beautiful people, beautiful places, and beautiful culture.


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