For the Sake of Who?

I’ve never been out of the country.

I’ve never even been on a plane before.

The biggest question I’ve been getting from people when I tell them about my summer plans is, “So why didn’t you decide to do a global missions trip?”

Here’s my answer…

A lot of people miss the mark when it comes to missions. Missions is not about going to a foreign country. Yes, going across the world is needed. There are many people groups that are in need of the exposure of the gospel. But going across the world is not what it’s about. When I told people I was going to NY they got leery. What people need to understand is, Missions isn’t about where you go, it’s about who you’re going for. Where is your heart? Are you going to simply just mark it off your hipster Christian bucket list, or are you going for the sake of his name? My goal in this blog post is not to be harsh, but if I’m coming across as that, maybe that’s what is needed.

Missions is not for the sake of where you’re going, it’s for the sake of Christ Jesus himself. His name, His renown. I’m not saying I know everything about missions, but I do know who it’s for, and it’s not treated that way anymore. There are many people I know that have been on missions trips and they get it, but there’s a large percentage of North America that go simply because they want to be able to say they went on a missions trip.

If you get anything out of this post at all, I want you to understand that you don’t have to go to Africa, or Europe or India to spread the gospel. The mission field is where you are now. North America is a mission field too. Before you can effectively lead others to Jesus in a global context, you need to first know how to lead others to Jesus here. Your home is a mission field, your work is a mission field, heck, even your church is a mission field. Missions does not start in another country – it starts at home.

So are you going for the sake of you? Or are you going for the sake of Him?


One thought on “For the Sake of Who?

  1. Very good and thought provoking. I think that personally it is easy to stay where I am and not to evangelize.

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